Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Basic Settings needed for creating android game in unity

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By this time you need to have android SDK with you. Download and mark the folder.

It is advisable to set all setting early in development. This make it easier for you to package the APK file in the end.

Adding android SDK: Go to Edit menu -> preferences. In the new screen, give SDK and JDK (Java Development Kit) paths under External tools. Close the screen.

Confirm under Edit menu -> modules that android is installed and loaded.

Go to File menu -> build settings and select android under platform and click switch platform. The project is now set for android development.

The default scene load is not saved by default. Go  to File menu -> save scene as. Create a folder inside assets folder and call it Scenes. Give the name of the scene and save.

Go back to File menu -> build settings and click add open scene. This adds current scene to build. When playing game after build, the first scene (0) is loaded first and depending on your coding all other scenes can be loaded.
Still in File menu -> build settings, click player settings. Navigate to other settings and scroll down to identification. in the bundle identifier add com.Company.ProductName where company is your company name and productname is the name of your game.

At this point, you don't need to specify the publishing settings. This can be done when you are ready to publish your game to Playstore.

Save scene and save project.

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