Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How unity works

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In unity, object are added either by
  1. Drag and drop from assets folder in project.
  2. Add from the hierarchy menu.
  3. From game object menu.
The project folder is where all project assets are stored. You can group them in folder for ease of access

Scripting can be done in C# or Javascript. This may require some knowledge on any of the 2 languages. Basic knowledge is need for one to successfully build any game. Scripts are added either from project menu or from assets menu. The naming is done at this point once the script is added to projects assets folder.

New assets can be imported into the project under assets menu. Packages can also be added depending on the functionality needed. Be sure to added assets and packages you need only.

I use C# as I find it much easier to learn and use if you have C++ or Java knowledge..

The blog continues next with Settings needed for a basic android game. All this time we have not used any coins to purchase software or pay subscription. The aim of the tutorial is to show you how you can use 25$ to create android game, publish to play store and make few coins out of it.

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