Thursday, 10 November 2016

Revisiting story line

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Story line:
The game involves some boxes that drop from above and the player is required to collect the boxes. At the end of the game. the player should be able to tell how many boxes we generate and how many s/he managed to collect.

From the story line, we have managed to add box, move and pick it. The story line describes boxes with player collecting them. The player needs to know how many we released and how many were collected.

Task ahead:
  1. Generating more boxes.
  2. Player collect them.
  3. Display boxes generated
  4. Display boxes collected.
Generating more boxes: - We need to generate additional boxes. Our story line does not specify how to generate. This creates a scenario which defines game levels.
Level 1 ->  Generate one box at a time
Level 2 ->  Generate 2 or more boxes at a time and different intervals.
Level 3 ->  Generate and move the boxes to different directions.
and so on.

Player collect them: how does the player collect this boxes. Again this can define more levels. The player can move right to left. There can be obstacles he must jump to collect the box.

Working with current story line, we are left with displaying boxes collected and generated. this involves coding. As noted earlier, knowledge in C# (object oriented) is necessary at this point. We will walk together and explain the code in details.

We will then redefine the story line to describe how he should collect the boxes. This will now define our levels. The game can also be endless where we don't define levels but let the player continue with game changing the play settings each time certain score is reached.

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