Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Thing to put in mind before building your apps

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  1. You need to plan for you marketing. Don't wait till you game is live in store to start marketing. Making it in android play store requires extensive marketing.
  2. Create social media accounts for your game. Have enough followers to download your game.
  3. Have alternative ways of getting your game know to the world. This requires creativity.
  4. Regularly update your game. 
  5. Play your own game to know the weaknesses.
  6. Focus on strong points when marketing.
  7. Critics will be there whether the game is good or not. What matters is never quit.
  8. Never use copyrighted music or music you are not sure about ownership. Google has systems to check and confirm the music assest online. You account can get disabled.  Youtube has free to use music.
  9. If your app is disapproved due to copyright, it is not easy to reinstate it.
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