Monday, 23 October 2017

Marketing games

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Marketing games

As you develop games, it is important to note that it is easy to develop game but hard to get to intended recipient or audience. Gaming industry is saturated by many games that compete for the same audience.
Many developers give up along the way and some even lose money in marketing as the game return are not equal the amount used to market.
So the question is how you then market your game
  1.  Never use funds to market the game before you get to know the usage. How many users do you get without any marketing? How many do you retain? This can help you make decision to use paid marketing or not.
  2. Use social media to market your game. Create Facebook page and twitter handle for you game. Share the game to as many users as possible. Look for forums that support game developers.
  3. Do not use fellow developer to get feedback on the game. It is easier for a developer to test your game than help you improve your game. Share to non-developer as they are likely to play your game more often.
  4. Create blogs, websites and posts that attract people to download your game. 
  5. Create good and attractive screenshots and trailer for your game. Upload the trailer to YouTube and other video channels.
  6. Create live feeds for your game on YouTube, Facebook and twitter.
  7. Post your experience on the game and engage users and visitors to your Facebook and twitter.
  8. Paid marketing should be the last option when you are sure your game is retaining users after download.
We will be expanding and discussing the above in details as this is the point as developer you can give up or move ahead with your career. One thing to note is that, game development is a rewarding career.

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