Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Shoot and Kill story line

512 by 512

The story of the Green giant and his cunning ways is told. The Giant is stable at first and can easily get killed. On the sixth death he decides to keep moving. On the second sixth death, he decides to us defensive mechanisms which are weak to break. If killed he decides to employ a soldier to keep guard and when all fails, he decides to build a permanent wall. He can die and you win to next level or you will just lose all your ball shots.

The game helps nature creativity especially to young ones. If one can realize the hidden short cuts then your creativity will have been tested. It also test your ability to concentrate and utilize the limited resources left to you.

Game by Angel Wangechi

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A story is told of the little buggy man. Armed with sword and his defense and alone in jungle, he has diamonds to collect. He is faced with challenges.  He has to jump obstacles along the way as he runs the jungle. He can’t afford to dies a simple death. You direct him through his journey in discovering the diamond’s world using touch screen.

The pain is too unbearable if he happens to get hit, he will just die as you watch. He can’t slide but in your own judgment, he can use alternative routes to evade his obstacles
He can jump and stay afloat the air. You discover this as you move along. He is the new 50th level man. If he dies, life starts again at level 1. His rebirth can’t be taken for granted.

He might not live long to see the previous level. That’s how hard his life is. Can he survive this life, only you can answer that!  That’s how life is in real world. You have to go through the struggle to survive.
That is the story of The Little Buggy Man as narrated by Angel Wangechi, the developer. Let the journey begin: Download and play

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