Tuesday, 18 July 2017

KEEP IN MIND - to be successful as game developer

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Just a reminder:
  1. You need to know your goal. Always remind yourself what your goal is a game developer. Whether it is to make money, entertain, train or for fun then don't deviate from that goal.  Most of us give up as result of undefined goal.
  2. Review your skills. Get to understand what you need to develop your game. The skill needed to develop a game can be acquired from a training college, online, self taught or trial and error. Always expand your skills through self training and appreciate any little progress you make.
  3. Review your tools of work. Keep yourself up-to-date with new developments in regard to the technology you adapt to develop your game. Unity keeps on changing every day. You need to acquire new skills as they are released.
  4. Do not limit yourself to one field. Always explore to learn more.
  5. It is never too late to start. Even with saturated market, your game stands a chance. Proper marketing coupled with constant updates makes your game visible to the world.
So how do you make your game stand among other developers:
  1. Marketing. You can develop a marketing plan. Either free or paid.
  2. Social media. Create online accounts on various social media and keep constant updates to keep you audience engaged.
  3.  In-game marketing. When developing game, give link to your games or marketing images for your games.
  4. Create support channels for your games. e.g create a YouTube channel for cartoon, music etc and use it to market your games.
  5. Website. Create website for your game.  Update it frequently.
Since our assumption is we don't have enough funds to do marketing, then use the available free resources like WordPress or blogger to create your website. create a free YouTube channel, google plus, twitter and Facebook accounts. You can also add other social media channels

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