Tuesday, 8 November 2016


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We will develop a very basic game. The aim is to give basic knowledge needed to create a functional game.

To start a game, you need to have a story line that will guide you game. Any update to game follows update to the story.

Our basic games is: Catch A box. 
The title of the game is simple and self explanatory.

Story line:
The game involves some boxes that drop from above and the player is required to collect the boxes. At the end of the game. the player should be able to tell how many boxes we generate and how many s/he managed to collect.

From story line above:
The required assets are just the box and few images. We don't need to download any assets for this game. Advanced well, the game can create one of the successful games. This is to mean that you don't need fancy assets to create a game.
We also need to show our results. The player should also be able to control the box.

The story line above will be update as the game evolves till a complete game is ready for the play store.

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