Monday, 7 November 2016

Simple way to develop a basic game and publish to google play

Don’t have budget to develop games? No need to worry. There are free software’s to learn and use to develop your game and publish to play store
1.       Unity free edition – The free edition has features to develop and publish to play store. Get a copy from unity official website. Assets are available from assets store for free. Tutorial are available on most websites for free. Unity comes with manual for reference. When downloading, ensure android module is selected and installed.
2.       Android SDK – it is required to develop and test android games. It is free download on android website. Pick the latest version. It also comes with emulator for testing the game.
3.       Photo editor software – MS Windows comes with free MS paint photo editor. If you have MS Office, it comes with photo editor. You can also download free photo editors online.
4.       Snipping tool – for capturing screenshots for store upload.

With the above combination you can now start your development process.

a)      Develop games on unity. It can be 2D or 3D. Depending on your choice, you can use C# or JavaScript. It is good to use the language you are comfortable with. The assets are drag and drop. Adding component to assets follows same principle or you can add directly from component section.
b)      Add images you create using your photo editor. Screen shot can be capture using snipping tool.
c)       Generate the APK file for testing – from unity menu, you can generate APK for testing and also upload to store. For the store, you need to sign your file from build menu. No software is required to generate certificate for the same. Unity has all resources for the same.
d)      After signing, test your APK using emulator. Install the file on emulator and confirm the game is functioning as required.
e)      If all is okay, it is time to upload to store.

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